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Venus - The Sweet Goddess of Love

Author: Anja Heij

A soft, tender world in which we intimately relate to the persons and objects we love, a world where rejection is replaced by an over-flowing river of attention and attraction, a world full of beauty and harmony.
The confirmation that you are okay…the knowingness that you are beautiful…the sensual connection with a lover, a flower, a pet, or the embrace of a tree…the thrill of a great piece of art…the temptation of tasty food and sweets…the seduction of a lover…the joy of dance and laughter…and the relaxation of a massage…these are the realms of Venus.

The world of sweetness is based on the over-all love and acceptance we subconsciously know from the months we floated in the warm waters of the womb.
Venus or Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love, was born from the sea. She arose from the white foamy waves, standing on a shell and solely dressed in her long hairs.
As a goddess from the sea we may expect a relationship between her and emotions, the changeable waters of our soul. Indeed there is, since one can only approach love, sensuality, beauty and pleasure in an emotional way.

Venus wishes to relate and connect; she will regard every living being or object in relationship to herself. How can it complement her, touch her, move her, pleasure her, seduce her, confirm her, satisfy her, adore and admire her? How can someone or something mirror her timeless beauty, youthful aliveness and sensual desires?
Around her waist she wears a magickal girdle which will make every man fall in love with her, and she needs this for the Queen of Love is nowhere without a partner who shows his affection.

She dances her way through life like a magnificent butterfly, tasting lover after lover and enjoying every party. Her favourite partner however is the god Mars or Ares.
He is the opposite side of hers. Where she prefers harmony, he chooses strife and rebellion. Where she is soft, he is hard. Where she is kind, he is rude. Where she is cautious, he is adventurous, daring and impulsive. While she desires a long and intimate love-play that nurtures all the senses, Mars will approach sexuality in a straight-forward and instinctive way. While she is moved by emotions, he is moved by actions. They are water and fire, and together they create a warm, moisty and sensual atmosphere.

Venus lives in every man and every woman. She determines how we express ourselves emotionally in love, sex, marriage and relationships; how we socialize and connect with other people. She has a voice in what we like and dislike and in what we find beautiful or esthetic. She might give laziness, since her essence is not acting but reacting. And she might over-indulge in sweets.
With the emphasis on attraction and sexuality, she is also regarded as nature goddess and the season of spring.

In the body she rules the sugar metabolism, the pancreas, the kidneys as organs that take care of many balances in the body, the skin as organ for touch and caress, the eyes and hair as expression of beauty, and the ovaries.
Her astrological sign equivalents are Libra and Taurus.

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