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Love and Acceptence of Thyself

Author: Lil Epona

Copyright © 2001 by Echoed Voices. All rights reserved.

You Need:
3 candles
1 white
1 blue
1 green

Sit in front
of the mirror
Light your white candle and say:

For all the past

I forgive thee
Before I can give
I must love me

Now light your blue candle and say:

Acceptence now
With this flame I begin to heal
I acknowledge who I am
Love I
now feel

Now light the green candle and say:

I have a lot to
I will now take the chance
To share with the world
All my gifts
in abundence

Repeat this spell everytime you feel your self worth is
down, remember you are a part of Goddess, so you are priceless!

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