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Hulse, David Allen

Author: M.L. Benton

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From an early age, David Allen Hulse has made a diligent study of the alphabets of the ancient world. Even as a child, David possessed a great affinity for the alphabets of Egypt, Phoenicia, and Greece.

In college, a reading of MacGregor Mathers' Kabbalah Unveiled opened up the Hebrew alphabetic/numeric technique of Qabalistic research for him. After Hebrew, David decoded and studied many other ancient languages, including Sanskrit and Tibetan. In 1979, a discovery led to the need to capture the extent of all prior Quabalistic research into one great reference work. His ongoing research is aimed at the discovery of new definitions for the number series as well as new magickal systems.

If you don't mind, David, let's start with a small bio of yourself.

David Allen Hulse: I was born and raised in Sacramento, California where I currently work and reside. In the late 1960s and early 1970s I moved to San Francisco. It was during these formative years that I began research on the books that have been published in the last ten years.

My early childhood was filled with many mystical experiences. I can relate one that has occurred in different forms since my adolescent.

When I was in junior high school, I had a powerful group soul experience. I was in a cafeteria full of students and teachers when, all of a sudden, my conscious mind was joined to every other person in the room. In one fleeting moment, I realized that everyone in that cafeteria was slumbering in spirit. They were all unaware of the full potential of their own souls. They were all desperately feeding their temporal, frail bodies with the hope of living for one more moment, but not a single person in that room was aware of their true purpose in life.

It was a very humbling experience for me and an enormous welling up of emotional compassion came into my heart for everyone around me. For that brief moment, I realized the impermanence of life and the deep spiritual slumber that most souls are plunged into once they incarnate in a physical body.

Such contact with the world soul has occurred to me again and again after this first powerful vision.

When did your spiritual side awaken?

I had a very special childhood that prepared me for the spiritual path that I walk today. I was lucky enough to have a grandmother on my mother's side (Marie Speich), who tended me in the first 5 years of my life. She talked incessantly to me about God, and her one mantra was God is Love. This was burned into my heart at a very early stage, before the dogma of the church would distort such a simple truth. I remember once asking my grandmother, "Who is God?"

She gently cradled my small hand in her own. She touched my open palm and told me that my palm was God and my outstretched fingers all the souls of the world, including me. She said my palm was the sun and my fingers its bright rays. Through my grandmotherÂ’s gentle grace I was placed, very close to God at a very early age.

By my 13th birthday I discovered Yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism. From that point on the quest to know my inner self was thrust upon me and became the only path that I could walk.

How has this enlightened and inspired you?

Even after you are enlightened, you still have to wake up the next morning. One still has to diligently work on maintaining the enlightened state after first reaching it. I have been given the richest treasure this earth has to offer- the ability to experience many spiritual illuminations, at various times of my life. In this last year I have experienced a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Cosmos. I bless God every day of my life for allowing me another day to further experience the divine in my waking life.

In this lifetime I have had knowledge of not only my personal guardian angel, but of my many inner guides who have helped direct my studies in the right direction. I have had direct contact with my Higher Self repeatedly, and have had many moments of deep communion with the Godhead. This last year I have been blessed with visions of the spiritual work still ahead of me that I can do through the written word, work that will manifest in my future books.

You have a fascination with symbols, letters, tarot and the cube. Can you tell us how you came by this?

I was brought to the spiritual disciplines of the East before the Western Mysteries blossomed for me. I discovered the word "Tarot" in my teenage years. I could not find a Tarot deck at the time (this was around 1964), but I discovered an article in the Encyclopedia that listed the names and numbers of the cards, with a brief description of each. By meditating on these brief descriptions and titles I designed a Tarot deck myself.

This served as a gate to work that I had accomplished in previous lives concerning the mystical and magical traditions found in both the Eastern and Western mystery schools. This deck can be seen on my own personal web site under the heading of "The Noble Tarot" at . This web site was created by my soul mate, Monique Wiersma, and we cherish this project that stemmed from our joined creativity continuously.

What do you feel is the connection the symbols, letters, tarot and cube have to each other?

The Cube of Space is a diagram of the cosmos, first clearly set forth by Paul Foster Case in his 1947 book The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages. I first discovered this diagram in 1969. By an inspired set of meditations, I was able to connect the following symbols in this diagram: the direction in space, the Hebrew letter, the astrological value of the letter, the primary color assigned to the letter, and the diverse symbols of the corresponding Tarot card. By threading these various symbols into a whole, the path of initiation that we must all eventually tread was revealed to me in the dimensions of this cube's 22 symbolic components.

You have written two books previous to "New Dimensions for the Cube of Space." Can you tell us a little about those? How would you say they have led you to this one? Also, how is this one different?

The Hermetic Art is a term used in modern occultism to describe the magic of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, but it also applies to the emblematic arts of magical and mystical philosophy that blossomed in the Renaissance. These include Alchemy, Freemasonry, High Ritual Magic (especially the invocation of Angels), the Qabalah, the Rosicrucian Enlightenment and the Tarot.

In all these esoteric teachings, there exists a doctrine of correspondences. In this language of symbols, the letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors, geometric shapes, animals, plants, parts of the human body, and the stars of the night sky are all linked together. These esoteric connections are the subject of my two books, The Eastern Mysteries and The Western Mysteries, and are described in a multitude of tables and running commentary.

Every important symbolic doctrine found in 13 separate esoteric traditions in the East and West is clearly shown. These arcane correspondences, the philosophical doctrine of life-death-and-rebirth, can be seen in the secret cosmological model known as The Cube of Space, as recorded in my New Dimensions for the Cube of Space.

I would like to note that there is a third book that I wrote in 1993 for Llewellyn publishing titled The Truth About Numerology. In this brief pamphlet, I describe the various schools of thought that have given numerical significance to the 26 letters of the English alphabet. This was intended at first to be an appendix to the thirteenth key (English) of The Western Mysteries. By the way, New Dimensions for the Cube of Space was also intended to be an appendix in The Western Mysteries, in this case to the twelfth key that deals with the Tarot.

Let's discuss New Dimensions for the Cube of Space a little more. Why do you feel the cube is of such importance?

Up to this point in time, students of the Qabalah and Tarot have had the diagram known as The Tree of Life as their measure of both the layers of the cosmos and their own personal spiritual development. The Cube of Space now offers another ancient diagram that can serve as a roadmap to everyone's spiritual journey. Each direction in space designates a specific level of spiritual progress. It applies universally to all traditions, and anyone who has done any inner spiritual work will immediately recognize the spiritual landscape that the Cube of Space charts out. One of the secrets of this roadmap is that the spiritual teacher we are all seeking for guidance will one day turn out to be our own Higher Self, that essence of our being that is constant through all incarnations past, present and future.

In your book, you speak of Qabalah. Can you explain to our readers exactly what this is?

The Qabalah (also written as Cabala and Kabbalah) is the inner, mystical tradition of Orthodox Judaism. It dates back to the prophets of the Old Testament, and was originally referred to as The Secret (Sod) or Secret Science (Chockmah Nestorah).

This doctrine gave a mystical interpretation to every letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It set out esoteric, initiated meanings to the exoteric text of the Torah. It depended on numerology, astrology, and magic for its deeper meanings to the Holy Scriptures. In the middle ages, this doctrine slowly came into Latin translations, and was combined with the Christian tradition of the New Testament to form the esoteric tradition known as the Rosicrucian movement. It was also incorporated into the secret rituals of Freemasonry.

The Qabalah is the one, true key for unlocking the secrets contained within the Tarot.

You said that the Tree of Life diagram is the key to the Cube of Space. Can you elaborate a little more on this theory?

When I first studied The Cube of Space, I needed to find an order to the center and six faces that compose the cube (being East, South, West, North, Above and Below). I discovered that the six faces and center of the cube were governed by the seven select Hebrew letters that ruled the seven ancient planets. These seven planets were placed on the Tree of Life in a special order, starting with Saturn and ending with the Moon.

By taking the planetary order on the Tree of Life and applying it to the center and six faces of the Cube of Space, I was able to find a path around the cube. This path is the path of initiation and takes the order of Center (Saturn), West (Jupiter), North (Mars), South (Sun), East (Venus), Above (Mercury), and Below (Moon). Once I applied the planetary key of the Tree of Life to the planetary faces (and center) of the Cube, the path described therein was slowly revealed to me by the symbolism of the Tarot cards at each direction on the Cube.

How did you discover these ancient Hebrew Letters?

In college I discovered two sources that led to my deep interest in the mysticism of the ancient Hebrew alphabet. The first source was the Tarot deck designed by Paul Foster Case for his organization, Builders of the Adytum. In this deck, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are clearly printed on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (they are not included in WaiteÂ’s Tarot deck, which is undoubtedly the most popular Tarot deck of all times).

Seeing those cards made me question the magical nature of the Hebrew alphabet. The other source document that started me on my studies of the numerical values of the Hebrew language was S. L. MacGregor Mathers' The Kabbalah Unveiled. This book, in its extensive introduction, showed the numerical value of the Hebrew alphabet and briefly described Hebrew Numerology, known as Gematria. From that point on, I began to number every relevant Hebrew word or phrase my studies revealed and started a numerical dictionary which I am still supplementing to this very day.

How do they intertwine with the major arcana of the Tarot?

The esoteric doctrine on the Tarot can be traced to the magical order of the Golden Dawn, a Rosicrucian mystery school founded in 1887. The secret tradition of linking the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet with the 22 cards of the Major Arcana was first written down in a secret document known as Book T. The ancient Hebrew book of alphabetic cosmology, known as The Book of Formation, was used by the founding fathers of the Golden Dawn to unlock the secrets of the Hebrew alphabet within the leaves of the Tarot deck.

This Tarot research was further extended in the writings of Arthur Edward Waite, Paul Foster Case, and Aleister Crowley. It is also greatly expanded upon in my own trilogy of books, The Eastern Mysteries, The Western Mysteries, and New Dimensions for the Cube of Space.

You have added so many graphs and tables in your book. Can you tell me what inspired you to do this?

All of my printed works on magic and mysticism are filled with graphs and tables. My intention is to compartmentalize the detailed symbolic knowledge in easy reference tables. This will allow the reader to return to these source documents at a later date, and be able to retrieve the dense amount of esoteric knowledge in as easy a manner as possible. I also found that the Cube of Space in its 22 various dimensions was a very difficult model to grasp. With the aid of many illustrations and diagrams, the reader is able to understand every nook and cranny of this three-dimensional cube.

In your book, you have even added a cut out page for everyone to have their own cube. What was your inspiration for this?

In the last 30 years I have taught many private classes on the Tarot to a select circle of students. At one point in these classes, I would attempt to walk my students through the symbolism of the cube. As I progressed with these classes I developed more and more handouts showing the various faces, edges and inner dimensions of the cube.

I eventually came upon the idea of manufacturing a folding cube that would be in full color and contain images of the Tarot at the appropriate faces and edges. I intended this to help the reader visualize the complicated pattern of the cube. The interior of the cube still has to be imagined, but there are diagrams in the text to help the reader visualize the three, inner coordinates intersecting at the exact center of the cube.

I am hoping that my publisher will one day print a larger poster of this cube as its present size is limited by the actual page size of the book.

Can you share with us your feelings when you found out that Carlos Santana was reading your books? How did you learn of his interest in your work? Can you share this experience with us?

Yes. Carlos discovered my books at the beginning of this year, and revealed on his Santana News website that he was currently reading The Eastern and Western Mysteries.

In reading his newsletter online, I found out that he had taken time off from his tour and was diligently reading both The Eastern Mysteries and The Western Mysteries.

I had read an interview with Carlos and realized that he has a deep understanding of the Hebrew Qabalah. He is aligned with the angel Metatron which, of all archangels, is the closest of all to God. I also wrote a very detailed review of Santana's
Supernatural CD before it turned gold that can be read online at :

Recently, I sent Carlos my "New Dimensions For The Cube Of Space." I hope to have the pleasure of meeting Carlos someday and conversing with him on the importance of instilling spiritual awareness through one's artistic creations.

Moving on, can you tell us about your experience in writing and contributing to the last chapter of the book, The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic by Israel Regardie? How did this come about?

In 1973, I wrote to Israel Regardie inquiring on the existence of an unpublished manuscript by Aleister Crowley that dealt with the numerical values of the ancient Greek language. From that point on I struck up a correspondence with him. I was able to discover the number codes for the Angelic language of Enochian just before The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic went to press, and Regardie was able to include my research as a final chapter in this book.

I had previously published three articles appearing in various mystical and magical journals, but this one chapter for Regardie felt like my first official work in print. I included much of the correspondence with Regardie that led to the writing of this one chapter in the introduction to the eleventh key of The Western Mysteries that deals with the Enochian language.

Changing to the personal side. As you look back and see the roads your journey of life has taken you, where would like to see it go next?

I have been working full time for the last 25 years in a field totally unrelated to my own spiritual discipline in order to support my writing, teaching and research. I have been able to publish much of my knowledge despite the fact that I have to channel much of my energy into a 5 day a week job. However, I am going to have an opportunity in the next 2 years to retire from my work, and dedicate all of my waking moments to my future writing projects. I hope to be more prolific in the coming years than ever before.

Can you tell us what you are working on now?

I have studied the magical accomplishments of Aleister Crowley for much of my adult life. Crowley's most important writing in his long career was The Book of the Law, which he felt to be the bible for a new age (in his cosmology, the Aeon of Horus). Many essays have been written on this one book, but much new material has surfaced in the last 10 years, including letters, diary entries, and a better copy of the original manuscript itself.

One of the most startling new pieces of information is that Crowley, two years after writing The Book of the Law, claimed that it was a genuine example of automatic writing. This is in contradiction to everything he had written about the divine origin of this book later in his life. I have attempted to establish in great detail a timeline revealing the creation, publication, and promulgation of The Book of the Law, as well as documenting all the Qabalistic puzzles embedded in the 220 verses of this text.

J. D. Holmes of Edmonds, Washington is currently publishing my essay as three separate pamphlets. The title of this trilogy is The Genesis of the Book of the Law. Part One is The Cairo Working 1875-1904. Part Two is The O.T.O. Legacy and the Birth of the A.A. 1905-1914. Part Three is The Coming of the Magical Child 1915-1962. All three should be in print by the end of this year.

If you could express what you have learned as one thought in your experience, can you tell us what this would be?

Love God every day with all of your heart by unconditionally loving all sentient life.

If you could change one thing from your journey what would it have been?

Every decision we make in life, every branching road we choose to travel is the right choice for that moment. I have read countless divinations for people that I just met or for friends that I have known for some time. These readings have revealed to me that all events, both the good and bad that befall us in this incarnation (or any other) are a treasure house for spiritual growth.

Looking back now on my journey this time around the wheel of incarnation, I bless every person I have met, every new experience I have encountered, and every failure as well as every success that has carried me forward to this present moment, for all things in my life have refined my soul in the fire of experience.

I had a revelation in the last few months over the elixir of immortality. If you could prolong your life for pleasure or diversion it would amount to nothing in a very short time. But if you could extend this lifetime, in your present personality, so that you could work more diligently on cultivating your inner spiritual life, then such an elixir would be a boon rather than a bane to your existence.

I am currently 52 years old, and I find that my youthful dreams of spiritual accomplishments have finally been realized in my adulthood. I bless God that I have been allowed to live this long, and I desire with all my heart to use the remaining days of my life to help humanity awaken to their true spiritual nature.

Where do you hope to go next? What would you like to yet accomplish before your next journey?

I have been blessed all my life with the companionship of many kindred souls who are also diligently cultivating their own soul life. Many helpers have crossed my path and have helped me in publishing the spiritual works that I have been capable of giving to a needy world.

Two years ago, a remarkable person came into my life. Her name is Monique Wiersma and she is a very talented writer and artist. When I first met her I was unsure that I still had the stamina or inspiration to attempt new projects and create new books of a spiritual nature. But once I met Monique, our friendship deepened and we discovered that both of our hands could hold the same pen and write on the same page.

We have combined our talents in writing a spiritual work of fiction that embodies the unconditional love that two humans can share in the light of God. This beautiful work of fiction combines the magical symbolism that I have recorded in The Eastern Mysteries and The Western Mysteries with the mythic story of the love of the Moon with her Sun. We have set the story of unconditional love in a medieval landscape of our own devising. At this point the novel is about halfway done. It is a book meant for everyone to read and enjoy.

Monique's entrance into my life at this point has opened a tremendous gate of new inspiration for me, coupled with many powerful spiritual visions both in my waking and dream worlds. Beyond our new novel, I have had visions of three other books that I will write in the coming years. Monique's love and devotion to our shared creative work facilitated these visions for me.

The first book came to me as an idea one day after my last birthday. Upon waking, the title of the book first came to me and then its contents (usually for me it is the other way around- the plot line would come first and then the title). The title was The 99 Chambers of Wisdom.

This book will be a fictional account of the founder of the Rosicrucian movement, Christian Rosenkreutz (Frater C.R.). In this book, Frater C.R.'s wanderings in Damascus and Morocco in the 14th century will be described as an allegory.

In Morocco, Frater C.R. is initiated into the Sufi Order of the Rose. He is given a supreme initiation in which he must wander the deserts of Morocco in search of the fabled tower of initiation known as the 99 chambers of wisdom. Each of the 99 cells of this tower contains the secret symbolism for the first 99 numbers in all the esoteric languages of the world. After Frater C.R. experiences his initiation in these chambers of wisdom, he returns to Europe and writes down the secrets he has discovered in his own fabled number dictionary known as Liber Thesaurus, or Book TH.

The second book came to me through the dreams of a friend and fellow student, Kevin. Kevin often shares his vision dreams with me. This spring, he had a dream in which he was given a letter from God. The envelope was white, and embossed in raised letters was the powerful four letter name of God in the Qabalah known as the Tetragrammaton.

From this suggestive dream, I later had a waking vision in which I saw the contents of the white envelope. It was a manuscript for a very special book that I was to write. This book was very slim, and was made up of three small chapters each of only 11 verses, making a total of 33 verses. At the head of each chapter was one letter of the name G.O.D. The verses were all aphorisms of love, and conveyed the need to love God every day in your life with all of your heart.

The title page was simply The Book of God, and had both the number 26 and the Hebrew letters for Jehovah boldly written on the cover. The verses themselves were given to me in this waking vision, and, luckily, I was able to record all before the vision began to fade. The first verse communicated to me was "God gave you one drop of his eternal and with that one drop you will live forever." I have subsequently worked more on this book, and have added additional inspired verses as well as a commentary on the cosmological model offered in this inspired text.

About a month before I had this vision or learned of Kevin's dream of a white envelope from God, I had a lucid dream in which I was offered any reincarnation that I desired for my next incarnation. In the dream I immediately knew what incarnation I would choose. I so wanted to be an angel with all my heart, for I felt in the dream that if I was an angel I would dwell in a realm far closer to God than any human incarnation could permit. In my dream the only thing that I really desired was to be closer to God.

I also had a very powerful world soul vision after receiving the idea for this book. I was able to perceive the drop of immortality that dwells in every living person the next day. As I walked out into a crowd of people milling around, I was keenly aware of their own immortal souls. I was also keenly aware that most, if not all, were unaware of this most subtle component of their being.

The last of three projected works came to me in a dream. I often have dreams of being in a library or bookstore, and find myself standing before a mysterious book. I pull the book down from the shelves and open its pages to glance at its contents. Sometimes there is writing and other times there are special diagrams of great magical or mystical import. But in a dream that I just experienced this summer the idea of a book came to me in my sleep.

I always carry with me in my waking moments a notebook to jot down any new idea that might come to me. I have found it important to have such a notebook by my bed as well during sleep for many times as I am just about to doze off to sleep a very beautiful idea will come to mind. If I don't record it at that exact moment I may lose it forever. In my dream I had a vision of a new book, and I looked for my notebook to write it down. In this case, the book had the number 888 on its cover.

The idea that came to me in my dream was to write the mystical, inner spiritual life of Jesus. In my dream it made perfect sense, and I saw that given all the knowledge I had already gained in this lifetime, such a book would be possible. It would combine three aspects of the mystical life of Jesus: the Gnostic Jesus revealed in the symbolism of the Greek and Coptic alphabets, the Rabbinical Jesus conversant in the Hebrew Qabalah and the modern mystical aspect of Jesus as championed by Theosophy, The Golden Dawn, and Rudolph Steiner.

Jesus would be referred to as Yehoshuah in the work, which is the insertion of the letter Shin of the Holy Spirit in the center of the four letters Yod Heh Vav Heh of Jehovah. The mystery behind his Greek name as IHSOUS (which numbers to 888) would also be in the book. I was very happy in the dream, and began to sketch the book out in my personal notebook while still asleep.

When I awakened I felt that I was not capable of such a book. In my dream it seemed possible, but when fully awake, I shrunk from the magnitude of the task. However, about a week later, I had a whole evening where the idea of this book simply consumed me in all its bright, white light. I feverishly wrote down all night certain aspects of this book. At first I thought, why should I even attempt to add to this body of work? But I now know that this is another Spirit inspired task that I must accomplish.

Monique has already had a hand in this work as well, for I was grappling with a title after first having my inspired dream until Monique sent me a choice of three tentative titles. Among these three choices was the right title for this future work: Godsend, for truly the concept of this book was a Godsend to me that reached me deeply through my subconscious dream state.

Hopefully, all of these books and more will be written with God's inspiration and Monique's help in the coming years. There are many things for us to accomplish, separately and together.

The new book that you are writing with your soulmate Monique Wiersma sounds to be an absolutly delightful read. Will you come back for an interview upon its release?

Star-Crossed Legend is a wonderful celebration of all that is feminine. It is a paean to the Goddess, especially the Lunar Goddess who is the keeper of the mysteries. The reader will fall in love with the two main characters, and I have been able to weave into the plotline real magic, from traditional sources.

When Monique and I finish the work, we would love to do an interview with you together.

I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to do this interview with us, and I hope you will come back to do other interviews with us as your work continues.

Yes, I will come back to you again. Your questions were able to reveal my own personal spiritual pursuits, and I thank you for the opportunity of sharing my life's work with you.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss my published works and potential future projects.

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