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ASTRONICA: Blessing or Nightmare for Astrology?

Author: Frank Desmedt

If NASA's engineers only had eleventh-century astronomy knowledge, do you think they could have landed the "Rover" on Mars? If modern day astrophysicists could only make use of ancient Assyrian astronomy, do you think they would have been able to detect the radio-wave emissions output by our Galaxy's nucleus? Do you think they would have discovered the solar wind, the CMEs or the Sun's coronal holes?

Obviously, the answer to all those questions is a big "NO."

If NASA's computers had to rely on data based on the way Aristotle or Claudius Ptolemy envisioned the heavens, there's no way their space probes would have made it to Jupiter and beyond.

No, geocentric astronomy (i.e., the observation of the heavens as seen from Earth) just won't do for those kind of aims. In fact, geocentricity is the celestial layout that made mankind believe that all heavenly bodies gyrated around the Earth, incorrectly promoting our humble planet to the status of being "the indisputable center of Creation." This is what good old Aristotle made everyone of his time believe.

If that's the way things are, then why do most people believe that classic astrology, which bases its celestial surveys on yesteryear's astronomical methods, can provide them with trustworthy information?

Now, I'm not saying that cosmic influence doesn't exist. No, but I do claim that the way classic astrology --be it Tropical, Sidereal or any other kind-- surveys the heavens just won't work. It didn't work before and it doesn't work now.

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that all the planets of our Solar System orbit the Sun, so then, why continue to relate their influence to a geocentric perspective, as astrology does?

By now, you might be thinking, "What does all this have to do with astrology? Heck, my computerized astrology program makes beautiful diagrams and provides me with great interpretations? What's the beef?"

To this, I'd have to answer: it has EVERYTHING to do with it, because all the calculations that produce those lovely graphs and verbose readings come from an erroneous observation of the heavens. And, if this is wrong, everything that comes from those sightings is also wrong. That's how important a correct celestial survey is.

To be quite honest, the only part of astrology that works, for, yes, there is a portion of ancient astrology that functions properly, is what actually is produced by geocentric energy-forces. I'm specifically referring to the "Sun Signs" and to the "Ascendant." Sidereal Astrology sustains that the "Sun Sign" influence comes from the Sun being in front of a given Zodiacal constellation. The truth is that it's an effect that comes from our planet being at a particular region of its orbit, a location from where we will always see the Sun in front of a given constellation. Tropical Astrology, the most popular astrological method of the Western world, states that the "Sun Signs" have nothing to do with their corresponding constellations, confusing the issue even more. Due to their Astral Chart being linked to the Precession of the Equinoxes (i.e., the slow creeping of the point where the Vernal Equinox occurs along the ecliptic), it is now some 24 degrees out of sync with the Zod!
iacal constellations. In other words, they have decided to altogether ignore the true celestial settings that cause the energy-forces that influence us here on Earth (?).

The way classic astrology charts the Moon, the so-called "Houses" and most planetary positions is way-off its proper bearings. More so in Tropical Astrology than in Sidereal Astrology. And again I ask, how can an interpretation that comes from studying the position of the celestial bodies be accurate, if they are wrongly placed on the chart?

"Pretty tall words," you say, "but can you prove it?" I believe I can. Have you heard of ASTRONICA? No? Well, Astronica can be Astrology's biggest boon, or its worst nightmare, depending on how you look at things.

Astronica is contemporary man's way of locating, interpreting and making use of the cosmic energy-forces that surround and permanently douse our planet. The data that Astronica uses is the same information used by NASA. That is, the facts and figures that modern astrophysicists and electromagnetic astronomy supply (i.e., the ongoing radio, infrared, x-ray and ultraviolet wave observation of the Cosmos). This, together with the readings provided by today's satellites and space probes, is the information that Astronica makes use of. It won't apply the pseudo-knowledge that comes from spurious beliefs, or from what some self-proclaimed "authorities" of yore advocate.

Truly, I love classic astrology's folklore, just as I treasure the old fables that speak about the mythical powers of the Greek gods. Atlas holding the world on his shoulder. Chiron, the Centaur, giving lessons to his eager pupil, Hercules. The beautiful Selene crossing the heavens mounted on her silver chariot. What a time that must have been to explain everything away with those fascinating stories!

But, I ask, am I to determine the primordial constitution of my integral being (i.e., my innate attributes, qualities and faculties), as well as the alignment of my future, based on such legends? Would you? I believe not.

So then, what can be done about classical astrology et al? Should we throw it out the window, contradicting Johannes Kepler's warning of "not throwing out the bathing water together with the child"? Do we keep on using the quaint astrological lore, just because "it's been around for such a long time that it can't be wrong"? Concerning this last point, please bear in mind that the better part of humanity believed for more than twenty centuries (2000+ years!) that the world was flat. So let's not make the mistake of assuming that just because an error has been with us for a long time, or because a vast majority believed in it, that the issue is actually true.

However, there's another option we can consider. We have the alternative of updating all that we know about cosmic influences, just as we had to modernize everything else. I believe that this is the proper solution. And it better be done soon.

I'm perfectly aware that this article is not going to help me make new friends within the astrological community. Shoot, some of my old astrologer friends won't even speak to me anymore! Still, I believe that it'll make the new generation of astrologers think. And that's important, for I'm sure that many of them, after having thoroughly examined the conceptual bedrock on which Astronica firmly bases its system, will decide to invest their time, effort and, yes, money, in what, on the long run, will prove to withstand even the most acrimonious criticism. You can be sure that Astronica's technique is not another fly-by-night product; it's here to stay and make its mark, for it's based on a very rare and scarce commodity: the truth.

If you're interested in the subject of cosmic influences ("space-weather," as modern science calls it), come and visit Astronica's web-site. Look for the section called "The Theory," and read a synopsis of Astronica's essence. Feel free to browse the "Today's SpaceWeather" section. There you'll get a notion of what Astronica can deduce from such information as the Earth's ever-changing Magnetosphere, as well as from the Sun's diverse types and levels of radiation. Take a look at the "Sono-Chromatic Circuits" to learn of a new hands-on way of merging yourself with the ongoing cosmic influences generated by each astronical factor.

Want to test the astronical method for yourself ? Yes, there is a working system available, although it took more than eleven years to perfect it. Ask for your free personalized Partial Astronical Analysis. It's an evaluation that will highlight your Main Objective in life, what Astronica calls your "Specific Function." This is something that classic astrology doesn't know how to produce. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Go ahead, the "World Association of Astronica" is waiting for you, and will attend you just as it has helped hundreds of other people all over the world. We have been providing these free (and other) astronical evaluations since 1997, and have tons of testimonies vouching for its accuracy.

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