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gold chloride solution, dry cell battery, edgar cayce, quartz rocks

Using Vibrational Electromedicine

Author: Parhatsathid NaBadalung

Very few realized how to properly used quartz (or any stones) crystal or transfer its vibrational properties directly to water. One standard method is to use the approach used in Homeopathic medicine. This means put the quartz rocks directly into water distilled water ONLY, because water has "memory effect" Tap water has many negative memories and are considered DEAD water. Shake it very hard for about 10 minutes. Filter out the quartz crystal (must be crystal not amorphous quartz). In some cases you might have a toxic mineral, or a solution for that matter, this means you must transfer its VIBRATIONAL HEALING properties directly to the water withou physically being inside water.

A proven successful method I suggest, which is an adaptation and improvisation comes from Edgar Cayce's Wet Cell appliance apparatus or a radial appliance apparatus, which is recommended by Cayce in over 1800 readings ranging from infections, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer diseases, etc.) However, to!
use as directly by Edgar cayce is difficult. To preferred method today is to get a 1 1/2 volt dry cell battery. To the negative (black terminal) connect this to a solution jar which will have a LEAD tubing LOOP or a COPPER tubing inside. Out on the end of this terminal is a Jefferson nickel electrode (5 cents is made from nickel). On the positive terminal is a red wire and to the end is a Lincoln penny electrode. A nice new penny is more conductive. Place the nickel electrode to your Chakras, the one on the above right of your navel and the positive terminal, to your spinal column. The application times is 30 minutes, once everyday, preferably in the evening. The solution you are using, if you want double your life for example (according to Edgar Cayce) is to alternate your gold/silver solution. You cannot use your solution, in the solution jar more than 15 times. Clean your copper/lead tubing with each application. On monday, use gold chloride solution for example, on tues!
day use silver nitrate (or silver chloride). Of course, you can get creative, try getting the lead tubing and wound up quartz crystal in the solution jar or you can get other "stones" as a push for your solution. Remember, this solution, you can use and UNDILUTED (OR semi diluted) homeopathic medicine in the solution jar without having to ingest them physically, all you need are its vibrational patterns needed to cure your many ills. I will not mention any miracle cures that I have seen using this application, but it DOES WORK (if only it is 'testimonials' ). What I am combining in this article is using vibration, electromedicine, homeopathy in to one branch and taking advantage of unifying into a holistic treatments without separating these body of knowledge so that they can be synergistic.