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Palm Reading

Author: Lena Santos

    Palmistry is the art of “reading” a person’s character and state of health. There are palm readers who claim the they could foretell the future and in way forewarn the individual. Palm reading is also known as chirology. Though the art of palm reading or chiromancy started in India, the practice has spread all over the world and now has cultural variations.

    Chiromancy or palmistry is a form of pseudoscience. Palmistry has its roots in Sanskrit astrology in India. From India the practice spread to China, Egypt, Persia, Tibet and other European countries as gypsies (fortune tellers) made their living reading palms. Since the practice spread all over the world, interpretations vary from one school of palmistry to another. Some palm readers or chirologists believe that palm reading cannot tell a person’s fate but there are those who believe that they can see a person’s future by reading the lines on his palm. Still there are other hand readers who “read” palms for information only – and that is to characterize a person and give him a general view of his personality pertaining to various aspects of his life.

    Whether true or not the characterization might prove helpful in some cases as you learn of your strengths and weaknesses. On the other end, the characterization might prove to be so frustrating to the individual that it might demoralize him. As a whole modern palm reading has integrate holistic healing, psychology and divination with traditional chiromancy.

    The basic of chiromancy is to “read” a person’s palm to evaluate his character and/or his future life. To do this, a chirologist reads the predetermined lines and mounts on the palm. Palm readers from other schools of chiromancy also include the shapes and sizes of the fingers, fingerprints, fingernails and even the skin texture for their “readings”.

Basic Palm Lines

The palm lines are the most important aspects “read” in palm reading. The lines in the palms were created at your conception thereby supporting that your future and character were already shaped while still a fetus. The lines also reflect the structure of your hand muscles.

There are six basic lines that are involved in palm reading and they are the: life line; head line; heart line; fate line; line of Mercury and line of Apollo. In a nutshell the life line is an interpretation of your quality of life. The head line is an indicator of how you use your intelligence. The heart line shows your emotions and health. The fate line has something to do with the strengths and balances in your life. The line of Mercury is also known as the health line and is not only indicative if health problems but also success in business. The line of Apollo is also known as the fame line.

Life Line

The life line is probably the most controversial lines of all. This line is starts from the top of the palm between the index finger and the thumb going down in an arch towards the wrist. The life line is believed to indicate a person’s vigor and vitality; his physical health and well-being. The life line is also believed to indicate any major changes in a person’s life that includes disastrous events, physical injuries and major relocations. The length of the life line is not indicative of a person’s length of life.

There are probably a thousand and one interpretations of an individual’s life line. The reason for this is that no two palms are alike and that there are different interpretations from various schools of palm reading. Below are some basic life line readings. You should understand first though that the life line is divided into three parts: the part nearest the thumb represents youth; the middle part adulthood and the line nearest the wrist represents old age.

If the life line is deep and long it is a representation of a long life full of vigor, vitality and health. A short and deep line also indicates the same thing. A short and shallow line indicates that the individual has the tendency to be dominated by others.

Extra lines paralleled to the life line are vitality lines. If the life line is doubled or tripled then this is an indication of positive forces around you and shows that you have a great vitality in life.

If the life line has a swooping semicircular line near the thumb’s base that indicates enthusiasm, great strength and love life.

If the line is quite straight and is nearer the side of your palm then this is an indication that you are a very cautious person who limits himself when it comes to love matters.

A life line that that has chain-like line is indicative of physical and emotional health problems. Peoples with allergies are said to have such lines. If you are prone to allergies, see if you have a chain-like links as life line.

A break in the life line indicates a change in life style, an accident or an illness. Lines extending up from the life line show that a person has the capability to recover from different situations.

These are just samplings of life line “readings” and what one can notice is that the interpretations encompass a lot of areas – black, white and gray. There seem to be an interpretation for an “interpretation” and that makes a palm reader’s “readings” quite foolproof.