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Author: Lena Santos

Psychic readings have nothing to do with Biblical prophesies. These two are distinct where the first one (psychic reading) is an attempt to discern “readings” or information though a person with extra-sensory perception commonly called a clairvoyant. Biblical prophesies are visions from God given to chosen prophets according to the Bible. Though prophesies from Bible are believed to have happened, are happening and likely to happen, to date, there are no fire and brimstone prophets as chosen by God. However, there are various psychic readers and clairvoyants who seem to genuinely deal with the paranormal and then there are of course run-of-the-mill “psychic” readers too who use different tools for their psychic readings.

There are more people who are skeptical regarding psychic reading than there are those who genuinely believe in it. No matter, psychic reading is very popular and there seems to be “real” psychics based on word of mouth advertising.

Most psychics will tell you off the bat that they cannot foresee the winning numbers in lotto or sweepstakes. If they can do that then there would be no point of working for a living as they could win all the lotteries in the world if they wanted to.

Most psychics do not dabble in rituals such as incense and candle burning or perform a spell to bring back an ex lover or spouse, heal a broken heart and bring good luck. If faced with a “psychic” who performs such rituals you should probably run away as fast as you can.

Most psychics will tell you that they are not 100% correct and this revelation is crucial as this is their loophole if their readings are not true.

Different Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic readers use different tools for their trade. Here are some methods they use for psychic readings.

Distant readings are convenient as the client does not need to even meet the clairvoyant as he/she can read the client’s future through email and the telephone. How that is done is a mystery or is as simple as reading the thoughts of the client by asking pertinent questions.

Astrology readings is based on the alignment of the moon, sun, planets and stars as they relate to a person’ birth date. The ancient practice is a divination that can be practiced by anyone who has the tenacity to learn astrology and not astronomy.

Aural reading is the interpretation of auras. An aura is supposed to be a form of glow that emanates from a person that a psychic or aura reader can see and interpret.

Cartomancy is all about card reading. This is outright fortune telling with the use of a plain deck of cards or the more evolved Tarot cards. It takes a lot of practice to interpret various combinations in a deck of cards. The downside is that you have no idea if the card reader is just winging his/her way into the card reading session.

Numerology is a more evolved form of tool for psychic reading. Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers that are significant to a person’s life. A person’s name and his birth date have corresponding numbers. Once these numbers are computed the results become the bases of the psychic readings.

Palm reading is another form of psychic reading. Palmistry deals with the characterization of a person and a possible foretelling of his future based on the lines and mounts of his hands. Anyone can read palms as interpretations are easy enough to remember.

Psychometry is another form of psychic reading wherein a psychic needs to be in physically in contact with the client’s possessions. The psychic reader asks the client for a favorite item (ring, picture, glasses, clothing, etc) because the psychic believes that the article represents a person’s energy. This method is usually done for missing persons.

Rune reading employs the use of the ancient Rune alphabet in fortune telling. The runes are usually cast in a mat and readings are made based on the positions of the Runes. This is considered a form of high magic that dabbles in witchcraft – spells, incantations and potions.

Lithomancy readings involve the use of gemstone that are immersed in water or tossed as one set and then interpreted by a psychic reader. Different cultures use varied methodologies in their readings. There are cultures that use candles for psychic readings. Wax is made to drip over a bowl of water. The drippings immediately take form as it hits the water and the shape formed is then readily “read” and interpreted by the psychic reader.

There are still the gypsies who use the crystal ball to gaze at the future. There are those who are involved in a more complicated paranormal form of “fortune telling” by claiming that a supernatural entity dictates the readings.

Psychics claim that they do read the energy of a client and that if a particular client is skeptical it will show in the reading. A skeptical attitude is a negative energy that psychics say will prevent them from tuning in to an effective “reading”.

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