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The Spirit of Jezebel

Author: Lena Santos

he Biblical Old Testament had a character named Jezebel. She was a princess of Sidonia and a priestess of the pagan god Baal. In 1King 16 she married the Israelite King Ahab. Jezebel had Ahab under her control. Instead of embracing the worship of Yahweh, she introduced instead the worship of the goddess of love and sensuality known as Ashtoreth. The high altar of this pagan goddess was throbbing with sensual and erotic encounters readily and willingly given by priestesses-prostitutes. Jezebel used power, manipulation and lust to control the king of Israel and his people.

Her lustful rule did not last. Even her descendants died, as prophesied. It would seem that Jezebel has been completely eradicated from the face of the earth. However, only the physical manifestation of Jezebel is gone for her spirit is still at work in today’s society.

Some may argue regarding the existence of the spirit of Jezebel for if I were to put it bluntly, the spirit of Jezebel is the devil himself. The argument is caused by the fact that not everyone believes in God and that not everyone who believes in a supreme being worships the same god. It is therefore more apt to say that the spirit of Jezebel is a negative force. However the essence of Jezebel will be lost.

Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols." (Rev 2:20)

The spirit of Jezebel has been recognized in the New Testament as a demonic force that targets society and churches. The demonic influence has been in existence since before the time of Queen Jezebel but as she was completely controlled by this demonic influence the spirit became her namesake. The New Testament Herodias was also under the influence of this demonic force as he opposed John the Baptist.

Christian churches will admit the existence of the spirit of Jezebel. The spirit of Jezebel is said to be the spawn of rebellion and witchcraft. This demonic force is a powerful enemy of Christ for this spirit attacks those who are sincere believers of God and are in a position of influence in the church. Though the spirit of Jezebel easily attracts women, there are men who were under its influence too where the demonic force establishes itself as a controlling spirit.

There are two types of the Jezebel spirit. The first type is one who is generally outspoken, gregarious, an extrovert and highly sociable. The second type has a low-profile, very motherly, protective, soft-spoken and very caring. This type is harder to discern so it is the more dangerous one.

The Hebrew meaning of Jezebel means “without cohabitation”. It is basically interpreted that a person possessed by the Jezebel spirit will refuse to be with anyone who she cannot control or manipulate. A Jezebel spirit depends on total manipulation of persons so that it could gain full control of the person in all levels – mind, body and soul. A person with a Jezebel spirit will not bow down to persons with deep spiritual authority for it is the demonic spirit’s goal to undermine such a person. A person with a Jezebel spirit likes to be close to leaders and make use of their influence. The Jezebel spirit is a “user” as she likes to use the power of other influential persons to control her surroundings and for her to achieve her ultimate goals.

"Jezebel wrote letters in Ahab’s name and sealed them with his seal, and sent them to the elders and nobles of the city."(1 Kings 21:8)

A typical Jezebel prefers to be low-profile and hovers in the background while knowingly yet snidely controlling everyone.

A Jezebel spirit has two manifestations: as a cool and unflappable person and as a palpable seducer. The seducer uses all channels of seduction to gain full control of any person or situation. She/he can use flattery or outright spiritual fornication. A person with the Jezebel spirit will have no qualms using sensuality and lust to gain control. Men are obviously the target of such methods of subtleties but a man with the Jezebel spirit can easily do this too. The “cool” Jezebel spirit is one with the attributes of an efficient assistant who may be quite aggressive but is not extroverted.

Some Christians say that the Jezebel is the angry and egotistical spirit behind pro-choice in abortion. She is the clout that is behind the resurgence of voodoo and witchcraft in the society. Some purists say that the demonic influence is behind heavy rock and metal songs, movies and television shows that impart the idea that new age witchcraft and Wicca will empower the highly impressionable youth. Jezebel is the voice behind the seemingly psychic powers and abilities of certain people. Jezebel is the voice urging others to seek the legalization of same-sex marriage.

How many powerful church leaders, evangelists and priests have been lured by the Jezebel spirit? These leaders were once very powerful men of prayers. Though some were able to bounce back after casting out the demonic temptress, some were so consumed with guilt and shame that they just vanished.

The Jezebel spirit is a deceiver. Those under her control will defend her from any form of criticism. The demonic spirit is hungry for power with it affording respect only to a power stronger than its own. The person with the Jezebel spirit is highly intelligent. The demon spirit will be able to manipulate intellectuals to the point of them hanging on to its every word. Jezebels are not slackers as they are very hard working and therefore becoming very successful in what they do. Thus they are admired and respected by their unknowing victims.

A person possessed with the Jezebel spirit is jealous, domineering and a perfectionist with unrealistic expectations of others. A Jezebel spirit has no patience for “weaklings” and will definitely enjoy controlling and manipulating them.

A believer or not, there is a little spirit of Jezebel in each and every one of us. I am not talking about demonic possession here but rather the simple fact that no one is perfect and that we do have faults and less than desirable characteristics. The key here knows your limits. There is inherent goodness in each one of us. Make those characteristics your dominant traits for “”what goes around comes around”.

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