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Basic Concepts of Numerology

Author: Lena Santos

The concept of numerology may well had its roots more than 2,500 years ago when the ancient Greek mathematician, mystic and scientist Pythagoras believes that there was a relation between mathematics and numerological divination. This was akin to the historical relationship between alchemy and chemistry; astrology and astronomy.

“Numbers are the Universals language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth” said Saint Augustine of Hippo sometime between 354-430 A.D. He believed that everything had a numerological meaning and relationship and it was up to individuals to seek that meaning. The Council of Nicea, numerology was not accepted as a Christian belief. However, the concept, practice and evolution of numerology thrived on. Numerology is considered an occult.

Through Ruth A. Drayer, L. Dow Balliet and Dr. Juno Jordan (in 1972) changed the face of numerology based on the concept of Pythagoras. Modern numerology is now called Pythagorean but this does not include other concepts of numerology of the Chinese.

What is Modern Numerology?

Modern numerology is still the study of the meaning sand symbolisms of numbers. It is primarily used to determine an individual’s traits and personality; his talents and strengths; his emotional reactions and needs and even the obstacles that he is wont to go through. Used as a tool in answer to these needs, numerology can be used to help you get a better perspective of yourself and your life and how they are brought together to “create” you. With this complete perspective you should be able to figure out your strengths and take advantage in using them.

How does numerology works?

It is a given in the law of physics and the concept of numerology that everything in the universe vibrates as its own frequency. You find the vibration rate of any object and you can link the qualities and positive energies linked to it. A tuning fork has a vibration of A 440 and is has best used to tune any musical instrument. Now, by applying the principles of numerology you can find the “frequencies” of a person and thereby “compute” to provide the necessary information to better characterize that person. In so doing it is believed that the person’s strengths will be maximized too.

Basic Calculations

All numbers in numerology must be reduced to single digits only from 1 to 9 except for 11 and 22 which are called the special numbers. All the numbers are represented by one key vibration rate that s associated with an individual’s characteristics.

Numbers are reduced by the simple process of addition. For example take the number 17. You reduced it into a single number by adding 1 + 7 to get 8. The number 5346 will be added as 5+3+4+6 to get 18 which will be further equated to 1+8 to make 9. How do you apply this concept?

Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a number. Below is a table showing the numbers assigned for each letter of the English alphabet. Where 1 is assigned to the letters a, j and s and so on.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Using this table, numerology will find the numbers pertaining to your birth path number, the name number and the soul number. An example of a birth path number for a person born in February 12, 1982 will be:

2 +10+2+1+9+8+2= 34 = 3+4+ 7. The birth path number is 7.

An example of a birth name number for a person named John Miller will be: 1685 for John and 493359 for Miller.

1+6+8+5= 20 = 2+0= 2 for John and 4+9+3+3+5+9=33= 3+3=6 for Miller

Adding the sums total to 8. The name number is 8.

The soul number is computed by adding all the vowels in the name. The letter Y is treated as a vowel if it’s preceded by a vowel and sounds as one as in Bryan. The letter W is also treated as a vowel when it is preceded by a vowel and is pronounced as one as in Shaw.

For John Miller the vowels are o i and e which equates to 6+9+5= 20= 2+0= 2. Therefore 2 is the soul number.

Interpretations vary. For example the number 1 can mean male, creative, alpha, leader, aggression, unique. The number 2 can mean female, dance, grace, balance, meditation and more. The special number 11 can mean the master teacher , inspirational, idealism, art, poetry, dreamer and more while the number 22 can mean the master builder, the future, evolution, technology, God, personal power just to name a few.

Numerology is both simple and complex. It is simple enough to calculate the numbers pertaining to you but it is not as easy to put all the numbers together and come up with a picture of your numerological chart.

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